How to calculate the upload speed of my internet?

Despite having a recognized internet service, we cannot get out of our minds wanting to calculate upload speed. This is a very normal thought, since in reality our PC or mobile does not have a counter to calculate the loading speed.

Normally the operators specify very well the loading and unloading speed that they have to contract with their clients. A speed that should reach in its entirety the home of the contracting person, although in many cases this does not happen.

This is an undeniable fact, but it’s not the operators fault, remember that we are talking about a signal that fluctuates with each connection. This means that when the internet signal normally leaves the operator at one speed, another will reach our homes.

These fluctuations can be caused by many variables, and among those that affect the most is the form of connection. A cable connection will never be the same as a Wi-Fi connection, since they are very different signal transmissions.

Some other variable could be the wiring that goes from the operator to our homes, being very extensive sections there could be a fault. Therefore, if we really want to calculate the loading speed of our internet, we will have to take these variables into account.

Calculate my Internet Upload Time

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What should I do before calculate upload speed of my internet?

Calculate Internet Speed

Many people calculate upload speed of their internet without caring about some things. Here we will give you a list of things to do before starting to calculate the loading speed of our internet:

  • Talk to your operator and make sure how much is your contracted plan, many people pay without asking what the speed is. It can also be a person who does not pay the bills directly.
  • Make sure that only you are using your internet, if there are more people using it, the internet loading speed calculation may fluctuate.
  • Do not have open web pages or waiting downloads, this can also make a visible change when calculating the loading speed.
  • Check the processes that your PC or device is carrying out. If your computer has a Windows operating system, it is likely that it is downloading updates.
  • Look for a program that blocks processes. On the web you can find firewall-type programs that can prevent downloads in the background.
  • Restart the computer, this can be useful in the event that you cannot find a blocking program. When you restart your PC, the processes will be deleted and will take time to reactivate, the perfect moment to calculate the loading speed.

With all these tips, you will be more than ready to start calculating the loading speed of your internet. We will only need a web page or program that does the calculation for us, because as we already mentioned, the devices do not do it.

How do the pages or programs work to calculate upload speed of my internet?

The functionality of any page or program used to calculate the loading speed of our device or computer is very simple. It just behaves in different ways to make our internet work and to average its different speed terms.

The terms it calculates are the following:

  • PING: This is the first thing that any program would calculate, and it is the response time of your connection. This time is measured in milliseconds, from 15 milliseconds onwards it is considered a good connection.
  • Download or download speed: The program starts a simulated download process so that the internet starts working in real time. Some web pages do not manage to carry out this process correctly, therefore the most advisable thing would be to do it about three consecutive times for an accurate calculation.
  • Upload or upload speed: As the last action, the program will measure the upload speed of your internet, using a similar way to the previous one.

Using this simple combination of processes, the page or program will calculate the loading speed of your internet. Remember that there may be factors that will alter the result of this calculation a bit, but usually it is not much.

What results could you get when calculate the upload speed?

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The result will vary according to the speed contracted with your service operator, but will not always be accurate. If we want to make a rough calculation, we can say that fluctuations consume at least 20% of the total bandwidth.

In this case, we would have a speed in favor of 80% to enjoy, and the data would remain completely real. The contracts are offered in megabits or «Mb» for short, and the speed to receive is measured in megabits per second or «Mbps».

In case of contracting 2 MB of speed: You would be receiving a maximum of 2000 kbps, with probable fluctuations that could decrease it to 1700 Kbps.
If 10 MB speed is contracted: A maximum of 10 Mbps would be received, and the fluctuations could reduce it to about 8 or 9 Mbps.
If you contract for about 30 MB speed: You will receive a maximum speed of 30 Mbps, the fluctuations in this case could decrease the speed from 24 to 25 Mbps.

Therefore, the list continues until all the probabilities of the calculations are calculated, if your contracted speed on the Internet does not appear here, just apply this equation:

Mbps contracted less (-) 20% of possible speed absorption. For example: 30 Mbps – 20% = 24 Mbps.

Together with a web page or web speed calculation application, this equation can be used for a more realistic calculation. Now that you know everything that affects you, you can correctly calculate the upload speed of your Internet.

We also advise you, if you use a desktop application for your PC or an application for your cell phone, you can get better results. Because it works directly in combination with the software and hardware of your operating system.


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