How long does it take to install Windows 10?

Currently, the installation of Windows 10 is almost automated, but not all of us know how long the long installation of Windows 10 takes. This is a value that usually changes for a large number of reasons, and here we will show you which ones.

In general, many install Windows 10 on their computers through automatic operating system updates. From there we can figure out how long the long installation of Windows 10 can take.

But there are a greater number of people who call your technical service to perform this and any other operating system update. Which, in most cases, end up keeping the device until the next day, therefore they do not know the installation time.

The long installation of Windows 10 can vary immensely if the device does not turn out to be compatible with this system. It could even get frozen in the verification process, which would extend the installation until we reboot the system.

Something that could be unfortunate, since in many of these cases, the computer could lose the format. In this case, we would only have to call the technician and we would not even discover the time of the long installation of Windows 10.

That is why here we will clearly explain how long it can take to install Windows 10 on any computer.

How is the installation process of Windows 10?

Install Windows 10

This operating system is incredibly automated and easy to install. Of course, you must have at least a minimum knowledge when performing the long installation of Windows 10.

In case of not having it, we would run the risk of ending up delaying the entire installation process a bit. But don’t worry, here we will give you some tips so that you can learn a little about how it works.

The installation begins when we run the Windows 10 installer, either from a CD, USB stick or from the Windows installation wizard. Now a box will appear where we must first configure the language for our operating system.

You must also specify the time and currency format and the type of keyboard that will be used. A box will appear where we must click install to begin the whole process.

After an initialization process, the program will ask you to enter the Windows license number you have. If this license is recorded in the BIOS of our computer, this screen will not appear, otherwise we must simply add it.

Subsequently, the installer will ask us to indicate which version of Windows 10 we are going to install, we will place the one that corresponds to the license that we have. The applicable Windows license terms will then appear, which we will accept and proceed with.

Now we are asked to choose between installing an automatic update or performing a custom installation. The most used case is the custom installation, since it is the most complete and with which many errors can be eliminated.

The next thing will be to choose the hard disk partition where we want to install Windows 10, if it is not created the wizard will allow us to do it. Clicking next will start various tasks until the installation is complete.

What should we take into account when performing the long installation of Windows 10?

Install Windows

As we have already mentioned, there are many factors involved that can make the long installation of Windows 10 vary. Mainly, the experience we have when doing an installation, if it is already something usual we could reduce a few minutes of the total time.

On the other hand, if you are completely inexperienced, this could generate a good lag of time between each option until the installation is finished. Another factor involved, and one of the most important, would be how up-to-date the computer is in terms of hardware.

Because this would be the one that would end up delaying the long installation of Windows 10. This factor in turn would lead to several secondary factors, since a computer is made up of several components, such as:

  • RAM: A very important piece that directly affects the speed of the computer. Each and every one of the instructions executed by the processor is loaded into it.

Besides to this, it has to contain the data manipulated by the programs that the computer runs.

  • The hard disk: The operating system is stored here, along with all the information that the user has. If it is an old hard drive, it is likely to slow down your computer.
  • The processor: If we have an old processor, the processes will be much slower and the computer will not react quickly.

Since we know everything that can affect our computer, we can know the time of the long installation of Windows 10.

Depending on the computer the long installation time of Windows 10 changes

As we must understand by now, if we have an old computer and poor parts, the installation time will increase exponentially. In stead, with a state-of-the-art PC, and updated hardware updates, it wouldn’t take long.

Remember that when installing Windows 10, the installation wizard performs several tasks in a period of time until the process is finished. These tasks include the following:

  • Print all installation files in your drive.
  • Prepare files for installation.
  • Install all Windows features.
  • Install the updates included on the installation media.
  • Perform one last process to finish installation.

All of these tasks represent a processing load on the components involved in the operation of the computer. This is why it can vary depending on the type of device we have.

From this context, with a next-generation PC we could do a long installation of Windows 10 in just 20 minutes at most. On the other hand, with an old computer or with a long time of use, this would be aggravated to about 6 hours of installation.

This is in one of the best cases, since there are situations where the PC freezes in some process and takes forever.


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