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How to calculate the upload speed of my internet?

Despite having a recognized internet service, we cannot get out of our minds wanting to calculate upload speed. This is a very normal thought, since in reality our PC or mobile does not have a counter to calculate the loading speed. Normally the operators specify very well the loading and unloading speed that they have … Read more

What is the difference between megabits vs. megabytes?

Even today, the megabits vs. megabytes debate continues. Since despite being frequently used terms, many people tend to confuse them many times. And even most people do not know that megabits and megabytes are completely different units of measure from each other. The main reason for this confusion or this comparison is due to the … Read more

How to calculate the download time of a file?

Calculate download time of a file   If we really want to calculate download file, we must also know the download speed we have. There may also be certain factors that directly affect this download time. Calculating the download file can be very simple if we use some download programs that have a tool included. … Read more

How to calculate download speed?

Calculate Download Speed Provided by OpenSpeedtest.com When we are at home we hope to be able to enjoy a good internet connection for whatever purpose we have. But in certain cases, its speed or upload and download speed may be affected by the number of connected users. Similarly, it is a good idea to know … Read more

How long does it take to install Windows 10?

Currently, the installation of Windows 10 is almost automated, but not all of us know how long the long installation of Windows 10 takes. This is a value that usually changes for a large number of reasons, and here we will show you which ones. In general, many install Windows 10 on their computers through … Read more